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Ultimate Solutions - Surface Protection New Zealand - Customer Feedback

"We were given the challenging task of partially demolishing a fully operational UHT milk factory whilst it was in full production. In order to achieve this we needed to encapsulate a large amount of plant  and operational area for the client in order to protect the machinery and enable production staff to continue ‘as normal’


A solution was required  that was going to be fast , efficient, versatile and cost effective to install , but also that met the requirements of a washable critical hygienic environment that was to be scrutinised by Assure Quality.


There was also the added challenge that some parts of the structure were to be opened up to the elements and also needed to keep the rain and snow out of the building.


Scaffolding with plastic wrap was considered however, this is not particularly robust and if changes were required would have involved 2 contractors and been cumbersome.


The decision was reached to utilise the Ultimate Solutions ‘fastwall’ system in conjunction with regular scaffolding, The scaffolding would act as a roof and working platform and the perimeter was wrapped with the ‘fastwall’ product to enclose.

This solution gave us an extremely robust containment area that was quick to erect. Doors for egress could be set into the system to give a clean egress into the containment zone.


In addition we also used some of the zip wall with telescopic poles on the west elevation to give us a soft spot where once the scaffolding / fastwall enclosure was complete we could break through into the critical hygiene  part of the factory.


The client walked through the ‘enclosure  solution’ with assured quality who asked us to foam up some minor holes and then gave the client the green light to continue production.


In the construction industry we continually are faced with challenging environments to control dust debris and site hazards, alongside traditional scaffolding these products enabled us to deliver true to our word and give the client confidence in a clean, robust and professional solution."


Tomlyn Campbell | Construction Site Manager
Apollo Projects Limited


"For the past 3 years we have been using a variety construction protection systems supplied by Ultimate Solutions. In particular, three site hoarding systems have been ‘stand outs’ for both us and our clients
  • Hoardfast PVC
  • Fast Wall PVC
  • E- Wall Sound Block
They each have their specialised use but they all have a common thread of: Fast Install, Strong, Reusable, Highly Presentable, Versatile & Sound Blocking.
We would recommend the use of these systems for any high profile & public hoarding requirement

Stephen Romanos
Contracts Manager

Accent Logo



"We will never use conventional hoarding again! Ultimate Solutions Hoarding is easier and lighter to manage, the prefinished surface is in-keeping with most clients requirements. The ability to reuse is great.”

Graeme Smith

Construction Manager



"Due to the sensitive nature of the construction works being undertaken whilst the supermarket was still operating and the need to provide the highest standard of public protection,

we turned to Ultimate Solutions, who provided us their Hoarding systems.

The range is fantastic, quick and easily erected, robust, flexible and looks clinical with sharp lines when installed.

We believe it to be very economical when compared against conventional hoardings."


Steve Gutteridge,

Contract Manager


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