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Protect Doors, Edges, Corners & Stair Surfaces

If you want to protect doors, edges, corners & stair surfaces look no further than our products dedicated to these tasks such as: Corner Protectors: Quick, effective protection of all exposed edges, Door Jamb Protectors: Ideal for protecting sensitive wall paneling or painted finishes and Aluminium Protection Tape: Protect aluminium frames during construction to name but a few.

protect doors edges stairways
Tacky Dust Mat Blue
NZ $19.00
excl GST
Bubble Protecta
NZ $75.00
excl GST
Corner Protectors
NZ $4.10
excl GST
Door Jamb Protectors
NZ $14.15
excl GST
Block Out Film
NZ $107.89
excl GST
Flute Board
NZ $8.25
excl GST
Buffalo Board
NZ $85.00
excl GST
Multi Use Blue
NZ $95.00
excl GST
Antimar Recycled Rubber
NZ $149.00
excl GST
Grey Rhino
NZ $69.00
excl GST

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