Buffalo Board: The Ultimate Surface Protector

Buffalo Board Extreme

In today’s market, finding the right materials to protect sensitive surfaces during construction or renovation can be challenging. Buffalo Board emerges as a top contender, providing effective protection for polished or pre-finished flooring, tiled areas, and more. Highly praised for its practicality and performance, this product stands out as the best compressed cardboard protection available today.

Buffalo Board

Buffalo Board is designed to offer not only superior protection but also ease of use and sustainability:

Buffalo Board Key Features:

  • Moisture Resistant: Keeps underlying surfaces dry.
  • Re-usable: Designed for multiple uses, making it a cost-effective solution.
  • Impact and Abrasion Protection: Offers robust protection against common site damages.
  • Quick and Easy Installation: Can be set up swiftly without the need for professional tools.
  • No Sawing Required: Can be cut with a heavy-duty knife, avoiding dust and debris.
  • Economical: Provides a great return on investment due to its durability and reusability.
  • Recycled Material: Made from eco-friendly materials, contributing to environmental conservation.


  • Size: 1m x 30m
  • Weight: 650gsm
  • Thickness: 1070um

With these specifications, Buffalo Board provides ample coverage and robust protection for a variety of surfaces in almost any scenario.

Buffalo Board

Buffalo Board Extreme

The newest member in our protective flooring range, the Buffalo Board Extreme, sets unparalleled standards in the industry. Designed for spaces demanding the highest level of protection, this product offers robust features that cater to various intensive environments. Let’s delve into what makes the Buffalo Board Extreme a game-changer in floor protection solutions.

Buffalo Board Extreme

Key Features Of Buffalo Board Extreme

+72 Spill Defence

The Buffalo Board Extreme introduces an unprecedented level of spill protection with its +72 Spill Defence technology. This feature promises to keep your floor safe from spills for up to 72 hours, providing ample time for cleanup without damaging the surface underneath. Whether it’s a construction site or a renovation project, this attribute alone can save significant costs and efforts in managing accidental spillages.

Airtech Vapour Cure

Incorporating the Airtech Vapour Cure technology, the Buffalo Board Extreme allows floors to ‘breathe.’ This innovative feature facilitates the evaporation of harmful moisture and vapours, which is crucial during new floor installations or when using adhesive materials. It reduces the risk of trapped moisture, which can lead to mould and structural damage over time.

Lay Flat Technology

Ease of installation is critical in fast-paced work environments, and the Buffalo Board Extreme excels with its Lay Flat Technology. This technology ensures the board remains flat when unrolled, eliminating the common issue of edges curling up, which can pose trip hazards and make the installation process cumbersome.

Extra Forklift Durability

For environments where heavy machinery like forklifts is in use, the Buffalo Board Extreme’s enhanced durability is a vital feature. The board’s design withstands the intense pressure and wear from forklifts, making it an ideal choice for warehouses, factories, and other industrial settings where heavy equipment is used regularly.


  • Roll Size: 30m x 1m
  • Thickness: 1.2mm

Utilising the Buffalo Board Extreme in settings that demand tough, resilient floor protection not only increases the lifespan of the underlying floors but also significantly reduces maintenance costs.

Environmental Consideration

Pair the Buffalo Board Extreme with Eco Tape for a completely recyclable finish. This commitment to environmental sustainability ensures that while you’re protecting your floors, you’re also caring for the planet. This combination offers an eco-friendly solution without compromising on quality and effectiveness.

The Buffalo Board Extreme is not just another addition to our product line—it is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in floor protection. It understands and addresses the real-world challenges faced in demanding environments, making it a truly world-class solution for your floor protection needs.

Buffalo Board Installation Tips

Installing Buffalo Board is straightforward and does not require specialised skills. Here are some tips to ensure optimal use:

  1. Measure and Cut: Measure the area to be protected and cut the Buffalo Board to size using a heavy-duty knife. This process is clean and efficient as it does not produce any dust.
  2. Seal the Joins: Use Cloth Tape to seal the joins between sheets of Buffalo Board. This enhances its moisture-resistant properties.
  3. Recyclable Finish: For projects requiring sustainable practices, seal the joins with Eco Tape, ensuring the entire protection setup is 100% recyclable.

Practical Applications Of Buffalo Board

Buffalo Board is versatile and can be used in various scenarios:

  • During Renovation: Protect flooring from scratches, spills, and impacts.
  • In Construction: Use on site to cover walkways, cabinetry, and any surface prone to damage.
  • Transportation: Ideal for covering items during transit, preventing abrasion and moisture damage.

Buffalo Board proves to be an indispensable tool for anyone needing reliable surface protection. Its comprehensive features cater to a wide range of applications, with a strong focus on both performance and sustainability. Whether you are a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, choosing Buffalo Board means opting for the best in market surface protection. Remember, protecting your investment today means preserving its value tomorrow.

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