Highway Road Cone 900mm

$40.23 Excl. GST

Introducing the Highway Road Cone 900mm: a durable traffic management solution, perfect for high-traffic areas. Crafted from top-grade hi-vis orange PVC and featuring high-intensity reflective tape for superior visibility 24/7.

The Highway Road Cone 900mm provides a simple yet robust solution for managing traffic flow and ensuring safety on roads, especially in areas with high vehicular traffic. Made from high-quality, hi-vis orange PVC and equipped with high-intensity reflective tape, these cones offer unmatched visibility both day and night. Their sturdy design ensures they remain in place under windy conditions, making them ideal for both temporary and long-term use.

Specifications: Built to Last

Each Highway Road Cone 900mm meets strict NZTA compliance standards, ensuring they are suitable for use on New Zealand roads. The dimensions, standing firm at 355mm x 355mm at the base, provide a stable foundation which reduces the likelihood of tipping. This durability, combined with the fade-resistant colour and reflective tape, ensures a long service life, offering real value for money.

Ideal Road Cone Uses: Versatility and Reliability

These road cones are perfect for a variety of applications, from roadworks and construction sites to providing guidance during events or outside schools. Their vivid orange color and reflective properties enhance safety by alerting drivers and pedestrians, effectively reducing the risk of accidents. The TC900HCH model is especially handy for professionals in charge of managing public and work zones, ensuring that safety protocols are not only met but exceeded.


  • High quality hi-vis orange PVC
  • High-intensity reflective tape
  • TC900HCH: NZTA compliant
  • Base: 355mm x 355mm