SaveBOARD: Eco-Friendly Building Material

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In an era where environmental conservation is more critical than ever, innovative solutions like SaveBOARD are transforming waste into worth. This unique product, originating from Australia and New Zealand, utilises upcycled packaging to create healthy, affordable, and high-performance building materials. By embracing the principles of the circular economy, SaveBOARD not only supports sustainable construction but also helps reduce carbon footprints across the building industry.

SaveBOARD Closeup

Circular Economy

Every year, vast amounts of packaging waste are discarded globally, posing a significant threat to our environment. SaveBOARD tackles this issue head-on by converting this everyday packaging waste into superior building materials. These products stand out for their durability and inherent resistance to moisture and mold, which are crucial factors in building materials.

The Lifecycle of SaveBOARD

Our board products are a testament to sustainability, being 100% recyclable. SaveBOARD takes back all offcuts and end-of-life products to remanufacture them into new boards. This process ensures a closed-loop cycle, minimising waste and continuously reusing resources.

SaveBOARD Is Not Perfect

SaveBOARD is candid about its aesthetic appeal; it’s not about perfection. The finished products display lines, creases, press marks, and veins, which are not flaws but rather vignettes of their origin. These characteristics tell the story of the transformation from waste to building materials, making each board uniquely beautiful in its own right.

Embracing Imperfections

The raw and unrefined look of SaveBOARD products is part of the charm. Our clients appreciate these features because they know that by using SaveBOARD, they contribute to environmental sustainability and embrace an ethos of ecological responsibility.

SaveBOARD in Action

With over a decade of proven performance in the United States and a growing presence in New Zealand and Australia, SaveBOARD’s technology has been a game-changer. The manufacturing process is devoid of additives, relying solely on heat, pressure, and time to transform waste packaging into robust building materials.

The Green Manufacturing Process

The inherent plastic in the used packaging acts as a binding agent, eliminating the need for glues, chemicals, or adhesives. This not only makes the boards safer for indoor environments but also lessens the production of volatile organic compounds typically associated with traditional building materials.


Our Products

Dimensionally consistent, SaveBOARD products are designed to accommodate various construction needs. Available in standard widths and lengths, these boards are tailored for both interior and exterior applications.

Size Specifications

  • Interior products: Available in lengths of 2.4m, 2.7m, and 3.0m
  • Exterior products: Available in lengths of 2.45m, 2.75m, and 3.05m

Each specification is crafted to ensure seamless integration into construction projects, providing flexibility and ease of use for builders and architects.

Help Us Save the Planet

Join us in fortifying New Zealand’s circular economy. Every initiative you take part in, from reducing waste to recycling materials, contributes to a larger impact. By choosing SaveBOARD, every 25 kg of product you use prevents 25 kg of packaging waste from ending up in landfills.

Our Environmental Impact

Each SaveBOARD manufacturing facility has the capacity to upcycle approximately 4,000 tonnes of packaging waste annually. As plans to expand and add more production lines become a reality, the potential for environmental impact is immense.

SaveBOARD isn’t just about creating building materials; it’s about building a sustainable future. By supporting products that are rooted in the principles of circular economy, you are making a conscious choice towards an environmentally sustainable life. Join us on this journey; follow our updates, engage with our community, and choose SaveBOARD for your next construction project. Together, we can make a substantial impact on the planet’s health and future.

Every panel tells a story. Every choice makes an impact. Choose SaveBOARD.

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