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Magnesium Oxide Wall Board -Flame barrier
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Brief Introduction of MgO board: Magnesium Oxide Board is a technologically advanced building material that offers superior performance in every category when compared to traditional wood, gypsum and cement-based products. MgO board is 100% fire resistant, 100% water proof, very strong, environmental and affordable.

The Magnesium Oxide Wall Board has been primarily designed for the inter-tenancy wall division market and provides a number of options for separating walls between attached occupancy units in multi-residential construction. The Magnesium Oxide Board system more than meets the fire rating and acoustic requirements of the NZBC.

Our Magnesium Oxide Wall Board panels are made up of three layers, two outer layers that are constructed of Magnesium Oxide board, and the inner core which consists of Phenolic foam. Phenolic foam is a new kind of flame retardant, low smoke fire insulation material. When subject to fire, it will die out immediately once is leaves the heat source. The high mass of the Phenolic foam gives superior noise control.

Phenolic foam wont melt, drip or break down, and has been proven to only rigid char in a fireproof testing lab. Magnesium oxide board is a multifunctional building material that is lightweight, high strength, waterproof, fireproof, nontoxic, mildew, rot and freeze resistant.

Phenolic foam:

 - Fire resistance grade A & B - Density 45-50kg/m3, 50-60kg/m3

 - Compressive strength 180-280Kpa

 - Thermal conductivity 0.022-0.030 W/m*k Magnesium board:

 - Surface density 0.92t/m3 - 1.1t/m3

 - Bending strength 15Mpa - 16Mpa

- Impact strength 6.0kj/m2 - 6.5kj/m2

- Fire resistance Grade A

- Moisture movement 0.3% - 0.6%

Good to know:
- Panels are modular (tongue and groove)
-1.1m x 2.95m x 3.5cm

These panels are pre-finished and ready for paint or wall paper is desired.

-$55.00 m2


Magnesium Oxide Wall Board -Flame barrier

Modular Magnesium Oxide Wall Board
NZ $178.48

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