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Dust Containment

Every year, an estimated 600-900 people die in New Zealand from work-related health issues and a further 5000-6000 are hospitalised with cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other chronic illnesses from workplace exposure to airborne contaminants.
Regularly breathing construction dust can cause diseases like lung cancer, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD – which includes emphysema and other breathing difficulties), and silicosis.

OUR CORE MISSION: the long-term health of all those on site and the wider community
Health and safety is not a box ticking exercise; it is about protecting your work force, because every site worker deserves to go home to their family and live a long and happy life.

CHALLENGE: A vast amount of dust is created from wall chasing, tile cutting, stone cutting, sanding wood, drilling, abrasive blasting and demolition work. Contractors therefore need to use temporary dust controls to ensure that they are not only protecting themselves, but others working in close proximity.

RISK: Failure to install adequate dust control will leave workers exposed to health problems such as; heart disease, lung disease, respiratory problems, asbestosis, silicosis and cancer. The contractor could also risk prosecution if they fail to comply with WorkSafe regulations.

SOLUTION: Ultimate Solutions believe that effective dust control can be managed in three easy steps;

Capture the hazard - Position the dust extraction hood as close as possible to the activity to ensure the dust is captured at source.

Contain the hazard - The immediate work area should be contained as much as possible to prevent dust/fume migrating and affecting other workers on site or people nearby.

Control the hazard - Negative pressure can be applied to prevent dust migration outside of the work area.

Benefits from our Dust Containment Systems:
1. Scalable:
From small individual work stations to large scale wall blasting, Ultimate Solutions have a range of suitable dust control solutions

2. Efficient:
Ultimate Solutions’ powerful dust control systems enable you to capture dust at source and extract it safely through multiple filter media

3. Hazardous Dust Types:
A number of our products are certified for fine filtration and hazardous dust types, including mineral dust

4. Cost Effective:
Washable cartridge filters ensure a filter system with a long service life and low operating costs

5. HEPA Filtration:
We offer an optional HEPA filter to remove 99.9% of air pollutants, making our products ideal for sensitive environments

Ultimate Solutions provide the most advance and smartly designed dust containment systems for New Zealand construction sites. We are not your average hire company - We work with you to understand the full scope of your activities on site before recommending a fully compliant health hazard control solution. With a huge range of specialist equipment for dust and noise control, you'll benefit from solutions that are cost-effective, fit for purpose and that deliver results efficiently and effectively. 

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ZIPWall is a system of adjustable spring loaded poles that hold up sheeting to form a barrier, delineate a work zone or create a cutting room. It is ideal for containing dust during renovations, refurbishments, demolition and maintainence in indoor area such as shopping centres, warehouses, schools, in home, etc.

Easy to install:
- No tool, tape or fixings
- No damage to ceilings, walls or floors
- Reusable 100's of times over
- Extra strong poles
- Prevents transfer of dust from work area
- Assists with WORKSAFE compliance

Videos below are about our ZIPWALL products:

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